The Cooperative of Yanga (Dem. Rep. of Congo)

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Sr. Sylvia Probst (1917-1990), 
a unique woman,
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History: Abbé Nyeme finished his studies in Rome in 1975 with the doctorate of moral theology. He returned to the Congo (former „Zaïre“) that same year and started his development work in 1976, generousely supported by Vitus and Maria Notter from Merenschwand AG (Switzerland). The aim of all activities has always been:

  1. -to combat starvation and hopelessness

  2. -to improve the living conditions (healthcare, agriculture, schools, handicraft, marketing of agricultural products)

  3. -to struggle against the emigration to the cities

Yanga - what‘s that?

The Cooperative of Yanga (COYA) is an agricultural cooperative with about 40 associated villages and approximately 40‘000 inhabitants in Central Congo, one of the poorest regions of the country. This unique structure survived all troubles and civil wars for already 35 years and is the only hope for the people in this remote area.

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The COYA was founded by Abbé Jean-Adalbert Nyeme Tese, an African priest. His aim and life‘s work was to enable his people to lead a better and more human life. He unexpectedly passed away in November 2010. His brother Cyrille Wombo took his place. One of his first decisions was to reduce the number of associated villages to nine in order to realize a more active and efficient structure. Since January 2015 Dr. Emile Okitolonda Wemakoy is the new Director of the COYA, having at his siede Reverend Sister Jeanne Otemankoy (see „News“).