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Jean-Adalbert Nyeme Tese always wanted to learn German. Studying in Rome from 1969 till 1975 he spent his first summer vacations in 1970 in Switzerland. He quickly made friends and they helped hin financially and by technical know-how to start his development activities some years later. The current Supporting Association is a fruit of fiendships of that time.

Jean-Adalbert Nyeme started his development work together with Vitus and Maria Notter (Merenschwand AG / Switzerland) in 1976. One year later he and six chiefs of neighbouring villages signed the charter and founded the Yanga Cooperative, aiming:

- to combat starvation and hopelessness

- to improve the living conditions and

- to struggle against the migration from the land

The members of the Supporting Association and many other friends have always supported and advised the development of Yanga. This led to valuable know-how about local pecularities and a climate of trust and mutual appreciation.

The members of the Supporting Association are working without being paid. They also cover all costs for office, communication, trips, information letters to donators as well as all expenses for this website. So each donated Cent can be used for direct help in the Congo.

The finances are checked by a state registered auditor and approved every year at the AGM.

Our bank account for donations:

Schwyzer Kantonalbank, CH-6431 Schwyz,

PC 60-1-5, in favor of Kto 22528-0023 "Spenden"

Yanga Project Congo

Mülibach 12, CH-8852 Altendorf

IBAN: CH90 0077 7000 2252 8002 3

The members of our Supporting Association Committee:

Cilgia Osann, Wädenswil: President, Specialist for medical issues; Medical doctor

Walter Muff, Altendorf SZ: Office, accounting, archivist, webmaster; Teacher

Hans Häfeli, Meisterschwanden AG, Mechanic

Anna Müller, Schindellegi SZ, Teacher

Albin Föllmi, Wollerau SZ, Mechanic

Auditor: Georg Stäheli, State registered auditor, Freienbach SZ


Josy Schürmann, Meggen LU

Peter Frech, Oftringen AG, Transports et energy

Sr. Debora Ueckert, Brunnen SZ, Specialist for development issues and PR,  

   Congregation Ingenbohl

Hans Scheurer, Aarberg, Mechanic

If you want to join us, to help us and to support our activities with your know-how and your time, don't hesitate to contact us by email:

On 7 December 2009, the Supporting Association Committee celebrated the 65th anniversary of Jean-Adalbert at Walter Muff's home in Altendorf, Switzerland.

           Walter                Anna            Peter         Albin         Cilgia      Hans         Josy              Sr. Debora   Jean-Adalbert   Isabella         Josef

           Muff                   Müller           Frech        Föllmi       Osann     Scheurer   Schürmann  Ueckert         Nyeme Tese     Schnüriger    Lacher

Travel of four Committee members to Yanga in 2008.

Meeting of all Committee members and friends on 17 May 2010. This was the last meeting before Jean-Adalbert Nyeme Tese passed away unexpectedly on 26 November that same year.

Supporting Association in Switzerland





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