Where is Yanga?




Yanga is situated in the very heart of the Congo, in one of the poorest regions of the country. Kinshasa, the capital, lies 1000 km west and the Lake Tanganyika 900 km east.

The access to this remote region in the savanna, adjacent to the tropical rainforest, is very difficult even by cross-country-vehicles.

The ship is the best means of transport for bulky and heavy goods. Fortunately there is a navigable river, Lubefu, only 30 km away.

The next airstrip is in Tshumbe, at a distance of 50 km. But the flights are very rare and not reliable. More regular flights are scheduled from Lodja,  180 km away from Yanga.

The member villages of COYA

Yanga Projekt

Yanga Village

Menga - Otete



Djundu - Samangua



Lole - Djamba

The number of member villages rose up to 36 with approximately 40'000 inhabitants. Following the restructuring after the death of Mgr Jean-Adalbert Nyeme the number was reduced to nine in 2011.

Where is Yanga?





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