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Abbé (Mgr) Nyeme



Abbé (Mgr) Nyeme Tese of Yanga

Born on December 7, 1944 in Tshumbe (R.D. Congo), raised in a mud hut together with three younger brothers: Emile, Cyrille and Pascal. Primary school in the mission Tshumbe, high school type A in Ototo (200 km from Tshumbe).

Studies: Philosophy in Kabwe (Congo), Theology in Rome, Ordination on August 20, 1972 in Lodja, Doctorate in Moral Theology in 1973, Diploma in Biblicum in Rome 1975.

Activities: 1975 first contact with the population of Yanga, 1976 start of construction work in Yanga, 1977 official founding of the Coooperative of Yanga on 10th August.

1975 to 1994 Lecturer at the Theological Faculty Kinshasa in Moral Theology and Hebrew. From 1978 president of the "Association of Moralist Congolais", from 1981 head of an ecumenical working group for the translation of the Bible into the tribal language Otetela. From 1996 Rector of the "Université Notre-Dame du Kasayi" in Kananga, which he built from nothing. 1997 Opening of the outdoor campus Kabinda, 2004 Opening of the outdoor campus Tshumbe.

Mgr Jean-Adalbert Nyeme Tese (1944 - 2010) in Yanga

Awarded with the title "Monseigneur" by Pope Benedict on 19 July 2009 in recognition of his extraordinary achievements. Retirement from the Rector's Office in Kananga on 31 July 2010.

From 1 August 2010, "only" head of the Cooperative Yanga and rector of the small campus Tshumbe, which was decreed by the Ministry of Higher Education from 13 October 2010 to be an independent University. Mgr Nyeme was also the organizer of the anniversary event "Centenaire - 100 years of Christianity in Tshumbe" with a highlight on 28 November 2010. Thousands of guests came, ecclesiastical and secular dignitaries from near and far. Two days before (on 26 November 2010) he suffered a stroke and gave his soul back to the Creator. The "Centenaire" became his funeral: enormous emotions, deep gratitude.





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